Experienced and qualified staff taking pride in their work is our key to success and we specialist in the following:

  • Panelbeating and repairs to accident damaged vehicles.
  • Work done for insurance companies, private companies and individuals.
  • Rust removal and repairs.
  • Restoration of old cars :- references available on request.
  • Modification of vehicle bodies.
  • Shortening and modifying of 4 wheel drive vehicles.

We are currently using the Chief EZ Liner and the Wedge Clamp system:

The Wedge Clamp system

The modern car requires a new approach to collision repair. Collision damage can affect the entire body and suspension components can be moved in even a minor accident. It is important that hidden damage be identified before the repair begins. Multiple point anchoring is necessary for straightening, and precise, three-dimensional measuring is critical to the speed and accuracy of the repair process. All of this needs to be done in a minimum amount of time if a body shop is to earn an acceptable margin of profit.
A repair system has to allow the panel shop to work quickly and accurately without obstructing the repair job. The system has to be easy to use, fast to set up, and offer clear guidance in corrective straightening.

The Wedge Clamp System was developed by people in the auto body trade looking for a better way to repair the modern car. The objective was to provide the panel shop with an efficient, accurate repair system for these vehicles without burdening them with equipment that was awkward, heavy, or complicated to use.

The Wedge Clamp consists of an upper and lower pivot measuring system. Also included is the length and height accessory which gives you accurate damage diagnosis and measuring of the whole vehicle. The entire measuring system can be set up and calibrated to the vehicle in under 20 minutes.

All components are constructed from aircraft alloy materials to be strong and reliable. The system is used in conjunction with manufacturer dimension sheets.

The Wedge Clamp provides accurate measurements on any of the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the car. Readings are clear and precise on both axis.

The system is versatile and will fit any make of car whether frames or unibodies. The pinch weld clamps have infinite position adjustments to adapt to different unibodies.