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Burnco cc was established in 1989 by Hein Burnett.


Burnco has grown from using a home made spray booth and a dozer to pull chassis, to using a professional Aer-O-Cure spraybooth for top quality spraypainting, they also invested in the Chief Easy Liner and Wedge Clamp Systems for accurate and professional repairs to vehicle bodies and chassis.

Burnco is affiliated to the R.M.I ( Retail Motor Industries) and to S.A.M.B.R.A. (South African Motor Body Repair Association).
We are contracted to most insurance companies. Burnco’s success is due to the fact that we rely on a small motivated staff and management that quality controls the repair process every step of the way. This ensures that SATISFIED CUSTOMERS advertise us by word of mouth, which is acknowledged as being the best way.

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